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“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”

The Day After The Fall Equinox marks time for a change within The Unified On2 Project. The Unified On2 Social in the month of September will take place on the 23rd and will be called Focus not only because we wanted to give it a different name but because it will be our focus to immerse a hungry group of ladies in an 8 hour performance challenge with Jessica Quiles herself.

Just to give some background about the work of this talented artist, we want to start by stating that:

Her career started at the Fine Arts School in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico and was selected to be part of the Ballet Folklorico de Puerto Rico.

As a salsa dancer, she has trained with the best in the island such as Papito Jala Jala, Tito Ortos, Stacey Lopez and Angel Martinez

One of the principal dancers in "Dirty Dancing Havana Nights"

Has also worked with artists in the music industry for TV commercials, videos and concerts. Just to name a few, some may be some of your favorite in latin music: Don Omar, Jerry Rivera, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, La Sonora Ponceña and Gilberto Santa Rosa.

Moved to Italy in 2011 and worked with Marco Ferrigno and Ansima Production Ballet Company.

Winner of several awards for her solo choreographies in the world renowned Puerto Rico Salsa Open.

On 2014, she started her ladies dance team called "De Aqui y De Alla" with Italian and Puertorican dancers.

If you are interested in investing time for your personal growth as a dancer, this will be your opportunity to focus, ladies!

The immersion program under Jessica Quiles consists of an 8 hour performance challenge in which your dancing will be transformed and will be taken to a different level. Come, focus and challenge yourself with Jessica Quiles.

This event is exclusive and brought to you by The Unified On2 Project

Our On2 Lessons will continue per our typical schedule starting at 8:30pm 

8:30pm Intermediate/Advanced Footwork, Body Movement and Styling led by César Güeretty, Eder Avila, Valerie Ann Olivas and Jessica Trujillo

9:30pm Intermediate/Advanced Partnerwork instructed collaboratively by Valerie Ann Olivas & César Güeretty and Jessica Trujillo & Eder Avila

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